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Our mission:

To enhance the quality of education and expand educational opportunities within the Randolph Public Schools by generating and distributing financial and other resources for such purposes.

Competitive Grants Program:

To encourage and reward innovative teaching, we seek proposals, up to about $1,000, with direct benefit to students that involve an individual classroom, several classrooms and/or school-wide activities.

For Donors:

The Randolph Foundation for Education would be nothing without the support of the community – businesses, parents, teachers, and alumni – who give generously every year to support the Randolph Public Schools.

100% of all donations go to programs such as the Competitive Grants Program. Our operating expenses are paid for by separate operating grants and volunteer labor.

The RFE will publicize your business or name at the following donor levels, or alternatively, donors may remain anonymous.

For Teachers and Staff:

Teachers and staff members in grades prekindergarten through twelve are eligible to apply for competitive grants up to $1,000, and may apply individually or in groups. Examples:
  • Purchase math manipulatives for 2nd Grade math learners.
  • A variety of audiobooks to give 4th graders an opportunity to read books with a multisensory experience.
  • Provides nurse’s office with a library of pamphlets to help community understand common emotional childhood conditions.
The RFE is guided by respect for public education and a desire to facilitate the best learning opportunities by promoting innovation, creative teaching, and curriculum enhancements that would otherwise be impossible. We welcome teacher and/or school-initiated funding opportunities that help us achieve these goals. The most important factor in determining a proposal’s eligibility for funding is the quality of the idea and its benefit to student learning. The application should clearly demonstrate that the requested materials and services are necessary to implement the proposed project.

Prior to submitting an RFE Competitive Grant Application, the applicants are responsible for having the application reviewed and approved by the applicable principal and department head. The application must demonstrate creativity and/or innovation in education, clearly state the objectives of the proposal, and discuss the method of assessing the impact of the grant. It must include a budget and sources for costs.

      Randolph Foundation for Education, P.O. Box 530, Randolph MA 02368

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