Press release June 14, 2018               "Randolph Foundation Awards First Educational Grant"

Contact: Jesse Gordon, spokesperson for RFE, (617) 320-6989,



                The Randolph Foundation for Education (RFE) has awarded its first educational grant, to a Therapeutic Learning Classroom teacher at the Lyons Elementary School. The award fulfills a $534 grant proposal for "Teaching Self-Regulation and Coping Skills," to purchase electronic and reading materials.


                "We're thrilled to be able to offer our first grant tonight to Dawn Martens, a elementary social worker," said RFE co-director Judy Conway. Ms. Conway presented the award at a ceremony at Randolph Town Hall on Thursday evening. The RFE's first program, mini-grants for classroom teachers, funds projects up to $1,000. The RFE expects to fund several more projects before the start of the 2018-2019 school year in September.


                Former School Committee member Becky Robateau, the other RFE co-director, said, "We are proud to be able to support Ms. Martens and her efforts at implementing innovative teaching methods specifically to assist students in therapeutic learning settings."  Ms. Robateau read the award letter after notifying the School Committee and School Superintendent, who were meeting next door at the High School.


                The RFE provides private funding for Randolph public schools, gathering donations from local businesses. Ms. Robateau continued, "We'd like to publicly thank our donors and we're still looking for donors to fund five more grant proposals which we've approved." The current donors include these local businesses:

ˇ         Cox Engineering

ˇ         The Lantana

ˇ         Lombardo's

ˇ         Full Color Events

ˇ         The Randolph Café


                "The Randolph Foundation follows a promising practice that has been used successfully in Sharon, Newton, and Milton," said Bruce Pontbriand, an RFE Board Member and former School Committee member. "I'm excited that Randolph is beginning this community-based initiative to help fund the teachers in our schools."


                The RFE was modeled after a similar group who have been active in Milton for 23 years. "The Milton Foundation for Education was very active in my kids' schools," says Ken Dunn, the RFE Treasurer, whose children attended the Milton public schools. The RFE founders met with Milton Foundation representatives late last year, and discussed forming the teacher mini-grant program in Randolph, as has been run for years in Milton.


                The RFE's website,, provides more information on the organization and its grant programs. The RFE expects to introduce a second program later in 2018, and continue the teacher mini-grant program as well.


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